Phanos N. Epiphaniou Public Ltd is one of the market leaders in the supply of building and construction materials in Cyprus. Consistency, reliability, high-quality products, innovative solutions and great customer service are some of the reasons that the company enjoys its position in the market today.


We have extensive experience in energy saving solutions and our sales engineers can offer valuable advice and guidance for near zero energy buildings, as well as energy performance upgrades of homes and businesses.


Our company, offers total solutions for the construction or renovation of buildings. We are constantly investing in the effort to educate both the industry professionals and the end users about the benefits of innovative materials for contemporary, energy-efficient and good-looking buildings.


The Government Incentive scheme «Roof Insulation» sets specific targets for energy saving standards and helps home owners reach them, by offering up to €1,250 per home, under certain provisions.

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This year, Phanos N. Epiphaniou Public Ltd celebrates its 50-year anniversary of a successful presence in the Cyprus market.

We are grateful to all our executives, our customers and associates who have supported us through the years.
Our commitment is to continue to offer quality and innovative solutions worthy of your expectations. A sincere Thank you to all of you.

About Our Company

For 50 YEARS we supply the market with top of the range products and services for the construction industry.
Epiphaniou is a significant trading group with a strong name, credibility and a fine reputation in the local market.
Through our company’s progressive business expansion, we are dealing in different sectors of activity, which make up distinct commercial departments, or subsidiary and connected companies. Our commercial departments are well established and enjoy a strong position in their respective markets.

Timeless principles and values:

The following values form the company’s flagship and they run down the organization from top to bottom:

• Human capital development (extend your limits)
• Sense of urgency (act here and now!)
• Continuous improvement (do it better and better)
• Result-oriented (it’s the end result that counts)
• Customer service (go the extra mile)
• High ethics and reliability (stand correct)


Our Philosophy

Meaningful notions that shape our philosophy and guide our individual and collective decisions and actions.

Organizational Efficiency

Experienced and capable leadership, proficient management, effective systems, and productive, well-thought of and tested methods exist throughout the organization.

World Class suppliers

Excellent and long lasting relationships with important word class suppliers, leaders in their respective field.


We keep an open eye for new opportunities. We are constantly adjusting in response to new market needs by adding new products and services.

Human Capital

Continuous investment in human resources, to improve people’s skills and knowledge, and to keep up to date with the latest news of technology developments in our field of business.

Why work with us

Epiphaniou is one of the market leaders in the building and construction industry in Cyprus.

Consistency, reliability and commitment, long-standing and tested quality products, innovative solutions and great customer service drive the company’s long history.


Rebranding announcement: New name, more great content

Our company, Phanos N. Epiphaniou Public Ltd, with a presence of 55 years in the Cyprus market, has been supplying products and complete solutions for energy saving  in buildings for more than 20 years, along with other construction materials. The trade name Epiphaniou Energy represents our company’s commitment towards buildings with zero energy consumption. Significant…

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Phanos N. Epiphaniou Supports Ukrainian Refugees

The founder of the company Phanos N. Epiphaniou Public Ltd Mr. Phanos Epiphaniou and his family members, current owners and managers of the company, have experienced first-hand the experience and consequences of the invasion and refuge. That is why they understand the difficulties of starting a new life in another place and feel the problems…

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